🌱 The Story Gathering: Join us for our signature event, "The Story Gathering," where we combine the power of storytelling with addressing social isolation and building climate resilience in our communities. Immerse yourself in a refreshing experience of connection and renewal as we explore how storytelling can be a tool for positive change.

🎭 Workshops and Events: From interactive nature walks to storytelling workshops, we offer a variety of programs and events designed to engage, inspire, and empower. Whether you're interested in learning new skills, connecting with like-minded individuals, or simply exploring the outdoors, there's something for everyone at Mafia Weekend CIC.

💬 Storytelling Circles: Share your stories, listen to others, and connect with your community in our storytelling circles. These intimate gatherings provide a space for reflection, expression, and connection, fostering a sense of belonging and solidarity among participants.


Tune In, Co-creat with natureThe Story Gathering