Mafia Weekend CIC empowers marginalised communities in Bristol with transformative experiences in nature and collaborative storytelling, fostering resilience and well-being.

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At Mafia Weekend CIC, we understand the challenges faced by marginalised communities affected by late-stage capitalism. Through immersive experiences in nature and participatory storytelling, we address these issues at their core.

The Problem:
Communities in Bristol, particularly marginalised groups like refugees and low-wage workers, face social isolation, mental health struggles, and disconnection from nature.

Our Solution:
We offer tailored programs that combine nature immersion with collaborative storytelling. We foster community resilience and well-being by engaging participants in creating films and stories.

Why It's Valuable:
Our approach harnesses the healing power of nature and storytelling, addressing mental health concerns and promoting social connection. We prioritise inclusivity and accessibility, ensuring all participants feel secure and valued.

For grant donors, housing associations, and local councils, our programs provide tangible community benefits, aligning with initiatives for mental health support, climate resilience, and social cohesion.

Why Choose Mafia Weekend CIC?

Mafia Weekend CIC stands out as a leader in community engagement through nature-based therapy and participatory media. Our facilitators are trained to create safe, inclusive spaces and consistently earn positive participant feedback. We partner with organisations like Southwark Council and Peabody Housing Association to deliver impactful programs that resonate with diverse audiences.

Key Benefits:

  1. Nature Healing:
    Immerse yourself in nature to reduce stress and anxiety. Studies show that 85% of people who spend time in green spaces report improved mood and decreased feelings of depression.

  2. Collaborative Storytelling:
    Co-create films and stories, amplifying diverse voices and addressing social isolation. Engaging in participatory media creation enhances community bonds.

  3. Inclusive Programs:
    Accessible to all ages and backgrounds, promoting intergenerational learning and climate resilience. Our participants consistently feel safe, accepted, and valued.

Guided by Science, led by Nature:

  • Nature Connection and Mental Health: Research by Natural England indicates that spending time in nature is associated with reduced anxiety and depression, with 71% of adults reporting that nature boosts their mood.

  • Climate Anxiety: According to a study by the Climate Coalition, 59% of young people in the UK worry about the impact of climate change on their mental health.

Experience the transformative power of nature and storytelling with Mafia Weekend CIC, where every story matters.

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