Welcome to Mafia Weekend CIC!

At Mafia Weekend CIC, we believe in the transformative power of storytelling, nature, and community. Our mission is to connect people from all walks of life, foster a deeper understanding of nature, and create pathways for community and recovery. Through immersive experiences, workshops, and events, we aim to inspire positive change and empower individuals to make a difference in their communities and the world.

Our Approach:

🌿 Nature Connection: We recognise the importance of reconnecting with the natural world for our well-being and the health of the planet. Through our programs and initiatives, we encourage participants to explore their relationship with nature and cultivate a deeper appreciation for the environment.

📖 Storytelling: Stories have the power to inspire, educate, and unite. We believe in the art of storytelling as a tool for positive change. Through workshops, performances, and storytelling circles, we invite individuals to share their stories, connect with others, and explore new perspectives.

🤝 Community Engagement: Community is at the heart of everything we do. We strive to create inclusive spaces where people feel welcome, valued, and supported. By fostering connections and building relationships, we aim to strengthen communities and promote social cohesion.

Our Programs:

🌱 The Story Gathering: Join us for our signature event, "The Story Gathering," where we combine the power of storytelling with addressing social isolation and building climate resilience in our communities. Immerse yourself in a refreshing experience of connection and renewal as we explore how storytelling can be a tool for positive change.

🎭 Workshops and Events: From interactive nature walks to storytelling workshops, we offer a variety of programs and events designed to engage, inspire, and empower. Whether you're interested in learning new skills, connecting with like-minded individuals, or simply exploring the outdoors, there's something for everyone at Mafia Weekend CIC.

💬 Storytelling Circles: Share your stories, listen to others, and connect with your community in our storytelling circles. These intimate gatherings provide a space for reflection, expression, and connection, fostering a sense of belonging and solidarity among participants.

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